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Frost Dates





DATES GIVEN are normal averages for a light freeze (32 degrees F); local weather and topography may cause considerable variations. The possibility of frost occurring after the spring dates and before the fall dates is 50 percent. The classification of freeze temperatures is usually based on their effect on plants, with the following commonly accepted categories:
Light freeze: 29 degrees F to 32 degrees F -- tender plants killed, with little destructive effect on other vegetation.
Moderate freeze: 25 degrees F to 28 degrees F -- widely destructive effect on most vegetation, with heavy damage to fruit blossoms and tender and semihardy plants.
Severe freeze: 24 degrees F and colder -- damage to most plants.

City, StateGrowing Season
(Length in Days)
Last Frost
First Frost
Mobile, AL272Feb. 27 Nov. 26
Juneau, AK133May 16Sept. 26
Phoenix, AZ308Feb. 5Dec. 15
Tucson, AZ273Feb. 28Nov. 29
Pine Bluff, AR234Mar. 19Nov. 8
Eureka, CA324Jan. 30Dec. 15
Sacramento, CA289Feb. 14Dec. 1
San Francisco, CA***
Denver, CO157May 3Oct. 8
Hartford, CT167Apr. 25Oct. 10
Wilmington, DE198Apr. 13Oct. 29
Miami, FL***
Tampa, FL338Jan. 28Jan. 3
Athens, GA224Mar. 28Nov. 8
Savannah, GA250Mar. 10Nov. 15
Boise, ID153May 8Oct. 9
Chicago, IL187Apr. 22Oct. 26
Springfield, IL185Apr. 17Oct. 19
Indianapolis, IN180Apr. 22Oct. 20
South Bend, IN169May 1Oct. 18
Atlantic, IA141May 9Sept. 28
Cedar Rapids, IA161Apr. 29Oct. 7
Topeka, KS175Apr. 21Oct. 14
Lexington, KY190Apr. 17Oct. 25
Monroe, LA242Mar. 9Nov. 7
New Orleans, LA288Feb. 20Dec. 5
Portland, ME143May 10Sept. 30
Baltimore, MD231Mar. 26Nov. 13
Worcester, MA172Apr. 27Oct. 17
Lansing, MI140May 13Sept. 30
Marquette, MI159May 12Oct. 19
Duluth, MN122May 21Sept. 21
Willmar, MN152May 4Oct. 4
Columbus, MS 215Mar. 27Oct. 29
Vicksburg, MS250Mar. 13Nov. 18
Jefferson City, MO173Apr. 26Oct. 16
Fort Peck, MT146May 5Sept. 28
Helena, MT122May 18Sept. 18
Blair, NE165Apr. 27Oct. 10
North Platte, NE136May 11Sept. 24
Las Vegas, NV259Mar. 7Nov. 21
Concord, NH121May 23Sept. 22
Newark, NJ219Apr. 4Nov. 10
Carlsbad, NM223Mar. 29Nov. 7
Los Alamos, NM157May 8Oct. 13
Albany, NY144May 7Sept. 29
Syracuse, NY170Apr. 28Oct. 16
Fayetteville, NC212Apr. 2Oct. 31
Bismarck, ND129May 14Sept. 20
Akron, OH168May 3Oct. 18
Cincinnati, OH195Apr. 14Oct. 27
Lawton, OK217Apr. 1Nov. 5
Tulsa, OK218Mar. 30Nov. 4
Pendleton, OR188Apr. 15Oct. 21
Portland, OR217Apr. 3Nov. 7
Carlisle, PA182Apr. 20Oct. 20
Williamsport, PA168Apr. 29Oct. 15
Kingston, RI144May 8Sept. 30
Charleston, SC253Mar. 11Nov. 20
Columbia, SC211Apr. 4Nov. 2
Rapid City, SD145May 7Sept. 29
Memphis, TN228Mar. 23Nov. 7
Nashville, TN207Apr. 5Oct. 29
Amarillo, TX197Apr. 14Oct. 29
Denton, TX231Mar. 25Nov. 12
San Antonio, TX265Mar. 3Nov. 24
Cedar City, UT134May 20Oct. 2
Spanish Fork, UT156May 8Oct. 12
Burlington, VT142May 11Oct. 1
Norfolk, VA239Mar. 23Nov. 17
Richmond, VA198Apr. 10Oct. 26
Seattle, WA232Mar. 24Nov. 11
Spokane, WA153May 4Oct. 5
Parkersburg, WV175Apr. 25Oct. 18
Green Bay, WI143May 12Oct. 2
Janesville, WI164Apr. 28Oct. 10
Casper, WY123May 22Sept. 22


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