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Welcome to

The Skinners Eddy




This is the Main Mp3 Page
I don't have a lot of Skins and Plugins
Just the Cream of the Crop
So you don't have to look through 1200 skins
just to find 1 nice one
And there are instructions for
installing skins and plugins below the Index


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Index to the Skin Pages
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Neat Stuff to Add to WinAmp
[Speakers]  [Annalizers]  [Other Plugins]

Links to Legal Mp3 Sounds
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If you don't have a WinAmp Player
this is the starting place for you

The latest version Winamp Here



How to install a Winamp skin
Simply save the skin in your
"winamp\skins" directory
which usually would be something like "C:\Program Files\winamp\skins"
If you are using an older Version of Winamp (v2.03 and lower)
you will have to unzip the skin into your "winamp\skins" directory,
for example through using winzip.
After unzipping, the skin should reside in its own subdirectory.

Selecting a skin in Winamp is the easy part

When Winamp is running simply press "Alt+s"
a pop-pup window will appear
here you can select any skin that you have installed.
Press OK to accept the skin that you selected.

How to install a Plugin
( Yes that means Speakers too )

1st unzip the plugin into your WinAMP directory

Thats it, it's that easy

Now For the Bad news
Setting plugins up to be run
is a little more complicated
but don't be afraid to try it, there is help

~~~> Click Here <~~~
For the Instructions about Plugins


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