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Buckets of Tomatoes




Buckets of Tomatoes

No..... I'm not talking about a lot of tomatoes.
I'm talking about growing tomato plants in buckets.
This has been one of my many hobbies for about 25 years now.
I used to live in an apartment on the second floor for 10 years.
Now there were two things I missed having was a fishing boat to get
my line out where the big'uns where hiding and a garden.
(the problem was that I had no place to park it)

I solved my problem with the fishing boat but
I will tell you about that on another page.

If you use the right soil, light and nutrients
you can enjoy a garden fresh tomato
even if you live on the 30th floor.
Read about Soil, water, amendments, etc. ---=== Click Here ===---


These images below are two varieties growing in some containers.

On the top is the worlds smallest tomato.
I don't know the name
but the seed was given to me by a frenchman.

The plants on the bottom are big beef.
A smaller beef steak variety but with excellent disease tolerance.
I started them very late this year. ( July 4th in Northeast Pa. )

I will get tomatoes but they won't be too big because the plant was old.

No.. I'm not discriminating about age!

Plants are timed by Mother Nature from the very day that they sprout.
The timing is important because it helps the plant to remember when
to put its energy into growing roots, stems, fruits, seeds
and even when its time to die. In that order
Remember: A plants objective is to grow fruits to reproduce itself
The plants that I used was from the early spring.

What does that matter?

Well the roots were bound up in a little container.
So when I planted them,
Mother Natures clock said it was time to stop
growing roots & stems and start growing flowers.
They missed both the root and stem growing time.
So timing is very important to get a large and bountyful crop.

If you ever by a tomato plant that has flowers on it,
cut them off before you put it in dirt.
This will help the roots & stems grow a bit more
Your plant will love you for it.
You will get more and larger fruit if you do it


Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the image


The first six thumbnails are
Tomatoes grown in the top and out of the bottom
of a bucket

004     013    009


006     007    014


The tomatoes below are grown in a coal bucket
Big Beef is the variety

028     036    029



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